Meet Our 2018 London Marathon Runners

George Heslop

Age: 32

George Heslop 2018.jpg

Last year my Father suffered a life-changing Stroke, it was one of the most heart-breaking and stressful 48hrs for him and my family. Thankfully given the speed of the paramedics and the great work of Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary my father has not lost any of his mobility, speech or memory but the Stroke has rendered him 90% Blind. This has had a huge impact on his confidence and independence as he is unable to get from A to B unassisted.

The work Ability Bow is doing to help people with Strokes and other disabilities is truly remarkable, reading the stories of the members of the Gym who have had life changing recovery because of the work they do is very inspiring. I want to help in any way I can to keep this wonderful Gym open for many years to come.

I want to run the London Marathon to 1) raise money for a fantastic charity, and 2) challenge myself in a huge way, I've done many half marathons but never a full one, I can't wait for April. I have experience of running two or three half marathons including Brighton and Richmond Park but I have not done a full marathon before. Apart from running I like to Cycle and play Football. Training is going good, I've started light running and plan to add a mile on every week leading up to April. I also plan on doing a half marathon around February in preparation. I love the feeling (once I've forced myself out of bed) of getting out and doing a few miles before breakfast.

I'm looking forward to the whole day, the atmosphere, the people, the view of London, the crowd, everything! I'm really looking forward to it but obviously there is a lot of work to do before then, I need to raise £1,350, which is a huge ask but I am confident I can do it with the help of my family, friends and work colleagues.

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