Ability Bow 2019-2024 Strategy

We need your help in shaping our Ability Bow Strategy 2019-2024. 

Have Your Say 

You are invited to have your say in our survey (at the bottom of this page) on how we shape our Ability Bow Strategy 2019-2024 (the deadline to complete the survey is Friday 19 October, 5pm). 

It's vital for us to regularly review our working practices based on changing circumstances and this includes developing our strategic aims and goals as part of our new strategy. 

What We're Looking To Build On

  • The 4,380 disabled people we have helped into exercise since 2006
  • The 30 people we've employed since 2006
  • Expanding our exercise presence within more east London communities
  • Enabling more people, including you, to feel fitter for longer through our service
  • Working with more partners and providers to ensure you get the care and support you need

**Please note, we will obviously aim to reflect as many views from our survey feedback as possible which you provide to us when drafting our strategy. Though while we cannot guarantee they will all be added, we will do our best to ensure you get the service best-suited to you**

Completing The Survey

What we're looking to build on as mentioned above, is why we really value your help in shaping the service you need, for you. 

So we would love to hear from you on what you would like to see in our Ability Bow Strategy 2019-2024 as part of our service delivery, by taking our Consultation Survey on the strategy.

How The Survey Works

You will answer just three survey questions (which should take no longer than 5-10 minutes) as one of five different groups:

  •  Clients/gym members
  •  Health funders/commissioning groups (ie Hackney Clinical Commissioning Groups/City Bridge Trust etc)
  •  Staff and Ability Bow volunteers
  •  Gym and events fundraisers (ie marathon runners, one-off gifts in will donors)
  •  Partner organisations

**For those who have never used our service before and who are none of the above groups, there is also space for you to leave general feedback on our service in question 16.**

You Can Take The Ability Bow 2019-2024 Strategy Survey Now>>

Alternative Formats

If you would rather complete the survey other than doing it online (ie in paper format/over the phone etc), please email: reception@abilitybow.org, or phone: 020 8980 7778 for alternative formats.   

Thank for your time and feedback! We really value your views! 

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