New Equipment for Ability Bow

Ability Bow has kindly been donated an FES Bike. FES is used to stimulate the lower motor neurons that connect the spinal cord to your muscles, and evokes patterned movement of the legs or the arms. FES therefore enables your muscles to be exercised, even if you’ve lost some or all voluntary control of them. The bike also has the ability to stimulate core muscles. These are the erector spinae muscles in your back and your abdominals, which are important for a range of activities including maintaining a good posture and balance, transferring, reaching and coughing.

This bike is being donated by Katie Barretta whose late husband José suffered a high level spinal injury in 2015. Between his injury and his death his friends raised a considerable amount with help from charity Regain with which to purchase an FES bike from Cyclone. Unfortunately José never took delivery of the FES bike and Katie is placing the bike at Ability Bow where other disabled people can use it. This will be coming soon with a visit from José’s friends and family.

We are very grateful and excited to see how the bike can benefit many of our members.