London Marathon

Physiotherapy Service /Running Assessment for our London Marathon Runners !

We'd like to introduce you to our friend and colleague Annemette , a qualified and chartered physiotherapist. She specialises in neuromuscular conditions and enjoys working with all injuries ranging from acute to  chronic infirmities.She uses strength and conditioning principles as well manual skills and exercise methods for effective rehabilitation.

Our London Marathon 2016

Some of the AB teamSunday April 24th saw this year’s Virgin London Marathon and what a great day it was. The weather was good for the runners but a bit chilly for the spectators!

Razeen's Marathon Video

For the first year ever we are excited to say we have one of our own staff team running the London Marathon for us. In his short video (part 1) Raz explains more about our charity from the perspective of one of our team. If you haven't been to our unique gym this is a good way to gain just a little understanding of the great work that goes on here. We believe Raz's commitment in what is his first ever marathon shows just how important his work with disabled clients is to him.

Steve's Marathon Run

Hello and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I need to start by saying a massive THANK YOU to Ability Bow for accepting my application, I have visited the gym while working with these guys before and can honestly say that no charity could be more deserving.

Please feel free to comment on my posts as this journey 'unravels' and my pledge increases @ !!!!

Rebecca Clancy: Running the London Marathon for Ability Bow

What was the best thing about being part of the London Marathon 2012? The atmosphere. I have done a few now and am always blown away by the kindness of strangers on the day. Little kids stand on the side of the road all day to give you sweets (that I'm pretty sure they would like to be eating themselves), while adults who’ve never met you before stand there cheering you on.

London Marathon 2012: A massive achievement by our runners!

London Marathon 2012: What a fantastic day we had on Sunday 22nd April!

We arrived bright and early at Greenwich Park to see if we could spot any Ability Bow runners. Those we did find were grabbed for a speedy photo and we wished them well for the race.