Director’s Update

Moving towards our seasonal break this Christmas we are looking back on what has been a busy and productive year at Ability Bow. We’re reflecting that 12 months ago our organisation was still reeling from making necessary, tough decisions to cut our costs, and from losing a number of our experienced colleagues to redundancies. Equally emotive for us was recognising that we could no longer afford to support our most needy gym members – those with complex disabilities (and for whom Ability Bow exists to support). A year ago we committed to rebuilding our service for people with complex needs. Today we are still working towards this goal and we will absolutely keep striving to support disabled people to exercise.

A year on we remain the same pared-down team of 8 staff and volunteers, and together over the past 12 months we got stuck into improving our systems, data, and exercise service. We will end our turbulent year as a smaller-but-stable organisation with an unshaken determination to rebuild our service for the most needy, and to develop a growing number of one-to-one exercise sessions for disabled people with complex conditions.

Many gym members and local people have donated generously towards the cost of delivering our service without adequate statutory support, and gave their time and skills as volunteers to help Ability Bow. We are touched and grateful for their support, and we have raised a whopping £10k of our £15k goal thanks to our dedicated and philanthropic local supporters!

We cannot bring back our service without the help of our local supporters and we continue to back gym member Richard Amm’s campaign to appeal for equal exercise provision for the most-complex disabled people.

Our organisation is funded to deliver the following projects;

Fit For Life Specialist Disability Service to 53 Tower Hamlets residents who have disabilities and a high BMI

Keep Moving exercise referral mainstream grant programme for 44 Tower Hamlets residents who have disabilities

Join In! for 30 Hackney disabled residents

Positive Steps mental health exercise project funded by The City Bridge Trust

We fund four other projects completely via our own fundraising.

If you can help in any way, please join us in rebuilding our service to help people with complex disabilities who really need our support.