10 Years of Putting the Ability back into disability

Ability Bow was founded in 2006 to enable people with disabilities or long-term health conditions to become fitter and more independent through exercise. Back then we started supporting about 20 people; today we are a team of 15 staff supporting over 450 disabled people in our gym.Most of the people we work with have had a life-changing event such as a stroke or the diagnosis of a long-term condition. We receive around 25 referrals monthly from GPs, Physiotherapists and other Health or Social Care Professionals.

In our first 10 years we raised £2.3 million to provide a unique service for disabled people, and supported 3650 disabled people  Taking part in exercise independently and making visible progression in heath and in confidence can make huge differences to our clients and the people around them.  

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  • What’s special about Ability Bow?

    While NHS services are time restricted, Ability Bow’s is not.

    We do not have exclusion criteria - we work with everyone, which is just one of the many ways we differ from mainstream gyms.

    Because our members have complex and varied conditions many of them require long-term support, and it is our philosophy that whilst they are achieving we will never ‘sign them off’

    Why exercise matters

    At Ability Bow we totally believe in the work we do and we all feel motivated, excited and moved by the results we help people to achieve in the gym. At AB some people spectacularly overshoot their goals and live their lives to a fuller extent that they never thought would be possible again! We really believe in putting the Ability back into disability!

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